NOVEMBER 20, 2018


I.               Chair, Kathy Roberts, called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.


II.             The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Jackson.


III.            Roll Call was taken by Board Chair, Kathy Roberts.

Members present were:   Kathy Roberts, Jacque Spiker, Jim Jackson, Jan Lickliter, Nance Simon and Jon Meyer

Absent:  Bob Olsen and Barbara Castaldo

Staff:  Lori Tourville

Public:  Rilla Krall and Chrissie Handy


IV.          Minutes for October were approved as presented.  Jon/James


V.            Financial report for October was approved as presented.  Jacque/Nancy

               Electronic payment report was read and approved.  Jon/Kathy

VI.          Correspondence:  request to use our kitchen and dining room from Phoenix Collaborative (Fairlight Ahlgren, Executive Director) for a portion of           their sales.  Ms Ahlgren is to discuss this with us at our meeting today. (New Business)  No other correspondence.

VII.         Committee/Member Reports:  Lori reported on the progress of securing a lock on the video/library room door.  Spoke with Kelly from                                 the County.  He stated he thinks a lock will work on the door.  Lori is to remind him.


VIII.       Public Comments:  Board Member, Nance Simon, reported that Twin Pine Casino was hosting a free Thanksgiving Community Dinner on Thanksgiving Day at their event center.  All are welcome.

IX.           Director’s Report: 

                A.    Fundraisers:

                        1.   Bake sales will occur November 21 and December 21

                        2.   Quilt raffle is ongoing until December 20.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  The guilt is hand crafted by Board Member, Jacque Spiker.

                        3.   January 26 is our next dinner and silent auction.  The theme is Mexican.

                B.   “Subaru Share the Love” – Subaru is partnering with Meals on Wheels. Lori will tackle 8 tasks to qualify to two shares of donation dollars from Subaru.  Nance is helping Lori with the social media.  Here on December 20, there will be a Stuff the Subaru with shelf stable food for our emergency food bags.  Cash is also appreciated.

                C.  Generator:  The electrician is working on a proposal for a generator for our facility for emergency use only.  Moke is looking into a possible PG&E grant.

                 D.  Church of Shambhala: Donated $930 to pay for our Thanksgiving and Christmas lunch.  They are also donating a 2-year old 80-inch flat screen HDTV.

                 E.   Board photo:  We need an updated picture for our newly remodeled web site.  one will be taken at our next meeting, December 18.  Be prepared.


X.            Unfinished Business:None


XI.           New Business:  Ms. Ahlgren presented a request to use our facilities on December 8 during Christmas in Middletown.  After Ms. Ahlgren exited there was discussion about our rules and regulations for the kitchen and facility use.  Jon moved, and Jacque seconded the motion to turn down the request, as it did not conform to our kitchen use rules and regulations.  Passed.  Kathy will notify Ms. Ahlgren.

                Jacque Spiker will begin Board training in January.


XII.         Adjournment:  Nance/Jon   Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. 


XIII.        Next Board Meeting scheduled for December 18, 2018