January 15, 2019

I.    Chair, Kathy Roberts, called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

II.    The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Olsen.

III.    Roll Call was taken by Board Chair, Kathy Roberts.
Members present were:  Kathy Roberts, Jacque Spiker, Jan Lickliter, Nance Simon, Jon Meyer, Bob Olsen, and Barbara Castaldo
Absent:  Jim Jackson
Staff:  Lori Tourville
Public:  Michelle Allen, Leighton Alt, and Rilla Krall

IV.    Minutes for November were approved as presented.  Jon/Bob  Note:  No meeting was held in December due to scheduling.  

V.    Financial report for December was approved as presented.  Jon/Nance
Electronic payment report was read and approved.  Nance/Jon

VI.    Correspondence:  Thank you from the Middletown Lioness Club for the use of the pop corn machine for their community Halloween Carnival.

VII.    Committee/Member Reports:  
A.    Jacque Spiker will begin Board training at the February Board meeting.    Will start with liability issues which will run for the next three meetings.  
B.    Jan Lickliter reported on the Thrift Store.  Donations to the Thrift Store have risen in quality.  Everything is nicely presented.  Goal of $1,000 per month was reached and exceeded.  
C.    Nance Simon tabled any discussion on the Middletown Days Parade until next meeting.

VIII.    Public Comments:  None

IX.    Director’s Report:
A.     Fundraisers:
1.    The two bake sales before the holidays earned $322.
2.    Quilt raffle created and donated by Jacque raised $107.
3.    January 26 is our dinner/auction fundraiser.  The theme is Mexican.
B.    Subaru Share the Love:
Turned in final report Monday 1/7/2019.  Will find out in mid-March what our share will be.  Stuff the Subaru earned $415.
C.    Emergency Food Bags:  Need to set a date after the 26th fund raiser to fill the emergency food bags.  
D.    403(b):  Starting a 403(b) for employees through Meals on Wheels of America and Mutual of America.  No fees for the center.  Jacque moved to match employee’s investment up to 3%, payable any time after five years of employment.  Employees can begin investing after one year of employment. Tabled until February meeting.  Nance/Bob  
E.    Board photo:  Need to update Board photo.  Will take photo at February meeting.  No more delays.  Be ready.  

X.    Unfinished Business:  
A.    March for Meals:  Scheduled for Saturday, March 23.
B.    Matching Funds:  Face Book “Match Tuesdays” hosted a fund-me page for non-profits.  Middletown Senior Center applied and was accepted.  Waiting for our share.  
C.    Chili cook-off is scheduled for Saturday, May 18.  

XI.    New Business:  None

XII.    Adjourn:  Nance Simon moved, and Jacque Spiker seconded the motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.