The Senior Center is open

Effective May 1, 2023 we are serving our Senior lunches plated. 

'To go' lunches available upon request until 6/30/23.

For congregate diners to receive a fresh meal on weekdays,

please call 1-707-987-3113 before 10 am for pick-up or dining in at 12 pm.

Thank you for your understanding.


    We are open for both pick-up and take-home OR pick-up and sit-down. We will have both for as long as our supporters, the Area Agency on Aging (AAA), permit. The AAA has had strict rules outlining how food is prepared and served.  We are open 9 am to 2 pm. We wish to see our diners back as well as those who picked up meals but never have eaten on the premises. I know many of you have missed the comradery of seeing dear friends.

    As in the past, seniors still need to call in to order lunch before 10 am.  At that time, please specify whether dining in or dining out —707-987-3113. Whether dining in or out, you will need to come in to pick up your lunch.  If you reserved seating inside, please be seated. If not, please enjoy your lunch off premises (home, park, with friends).



Facts about the Middletown Senior Center



    The Middletown Senior Center regularly checks temperatures of all meals. The Middletown Senior Center Meals on Wheels are made in our kitchen and packaged hot and placed in a hot box with heat stones, cold portions of meals are placed in coolers with cold packs.  Meals are promptly packaged and sent out at 11:00 am. Our Meals on Wheels drivers check the temperature of cold and hot food at the start of delivery and when the last meal is delivered. Our routes (Middletown, Hidden Valley, Cobb) take 1.5 hours or less.

     Anyone is welcome to see a copy of our health inspection report, just stop by our office. 


WE COULD USE YOUR HELP (707) 987-3113



We wish to keep our membership list up-to-date.  We are not always notified when relocation has occurred.  If you know of anyone who have moved “for any reason”, please call and let us know. 


If you have a couple of hours each week, we could use more Meals on Wheels drivers.  We need drivers who can serve as “on call” to step in when a “regular” needs the time off.  We could use more servers and greeters as dining in is growing.  More volunteers for the Thrift Store as well as donations for the Thrift Store are also welcome.