Now is your opportunity to become more than a little bit acquainted with your cell phone and/or tablet.

This offer open at all interested seniors

WHAT:  A class catering to your specific needs


WHEN: Tuesday, February 5th at 10am


Each senior would have his/her own list of questions.  The questions would be answered by your private tutor (a patient high school student).  Each question would come with a demonstration which could be repeated by you as many times as it takes.  You would need a pen or pencil, a note book, and, of course, your phone and/or tablet.


From the basics (same for your Tablet)

1. How do I make a phone call? Text?

2. How do I add names to my address book?

3. How do I place a caller on hold while answering  the phone?

4. How do I read, reply, to my emails? Add to my address book?

To beyond

6. How do I take a photo? Video? Send them?

7. How do I get driving directions?

8. How do I ask questions from the internet?

9. How do I know what an app is? What are they for? How to access apps? Which are free?

10. Any other specific questions you may have.


If you answered “I don’t have a clue” to any of the above, this class is for you.  All of the above and more will be shown to you, patiently.  


Join the 21st century.  Shock your family and friends—become a wiz on electronics! 

You can do it.  It only takes instruction and repetition.  That’s what is being offered.