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Nutrition Snippet



     According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a healthy diet limits the amount of calories people should consume from added sugars and saturated fat.  While many baked goods are a major source of both added sugars and saturated fat, dessert still can be an enjoyable part of a full and well-balanced eating pattern. 

Watch Portion Size:  Keeping portion sizes in check is a primary strategy for healthfully incorporating baked goods into a healthy eating pattern.

Ingredients Matter:  Use high-quality ingredients for a more flavorful product that will satisfy cravings even with smaller portions.  For example, use vanilla beans instead of extract, opt for high-quality chocolate and make sure your spices are fresh for the boldest flavor.

Incorporate Nutrient-Rich Ingredients:  Instead of focusing on what to cut out, why not add something nutritious to your recipe?

Add a Fruit or Vegetable:  Try adding shredded or pureed apple, carrot, banana or pumpkin to recipes.

Try a Whole-Grain Flour:  White whole wheat flour can be substituted one-for-one for all-purpose flour in most recipes.

Experiment with Recipes That Use Less-Common Flours:  Try recipes such as savory pancakes and waffles that call for chickpea flour; or almond flour which works well for crusts and can be incorporated into dough.

Use low-fat dairy products:  Use low-fat milk, low-fat buttermilk and low-fat yogurt in baking recipes to contribute protein and calcium.  Consider swapping cream cheese frosting for a protein-rich frosting made from Greek yogurt.

Reduce Saturated Fat and Added Sugars:  Swap butter for heart-healthy oil such as canola oil.  Don’t replace all of the butter with oil or you’ll sacrifice texture.  Simply cut sugar (as a general rule, you can reduce sugar in a given recipe by 25% without noticeable differences).

     There is room for all foods, even baked goods, in a healthy eating pattern.  Focus  on occasionally enjoying small portions of your favorite treats and experiment with creating healthier versions of favorite recipes for more nutrients in each bite