Middletown Senior Center

21256 Washington Street
Post Office Box 1037

Middletown, California 95461

Phone: (707) 987-3113

Fax: (707) 987-3114


Director's Monthly Message



     The staff at the Middletown Senior Center hosted a brunch for our Volunteers.  

Our Volunteers deserve the moon, but I was limited to what we had on hand.  Our volunteers do an average of 585 hours of volunteer work a month.  At the minimum wage of $10.50 an hour, they donate over $6,000 per month in hours worked to this center.


     All of the seniors and staff are very grateful.  Without our Volunteers, we wouldn’t be a viable source of information, or offer food services:   meals on wheels,  lunches, food distribution.  We wouldn’t exist.  


      I am here to serve all of you with whatever assistance with available services you may need.  I can help with phone calls to Social Security, to insurance companies, deal with overcharges with utility companies, resolve mistaken charges on credit cards.  When you have questions, let me know.  


     Our Meals on Wheels program is a lifeline between seniors and “the outside world”.  Our drivers are on the job five days a week, checking on our “shut-ins”, and reporting any severe changes in their health.  


     We can always use more Volunteers.  If you would like to attend a special Brunch in the future, simply VOLUNTEER.



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To be raffled off December 20th.


Volunteer's Corner


     Our dedicated and reliable volunteers help support a wide range of essential services for our Center.  


      Laura Blakeslee volunteers as a Server each week.  She is always pleasant and happy.  We all look forward to her “turn on the floor”.  The Servers wait on the patrons during the lunch hour.  They, also, help set up before lunch and clean up after lunch.  


     Della Lair volunteers as a Server each week.  She is on call and steps in when another volunteer is unable to serve on his/her shift.  She saves the day many times, and always with an immediate “yes”.  


     The above named individuals represent hours and hours of free labor.  A must for a non-profit organization.


     Without our lunch time servers and greeters, we would serve lunch in the buffet fashion.  Not normally a bad choice; however, when you add into the equation walkers and canes, a sit-down affair is a much better choice.


     If you would be interested in joining our volunteers, let Tessie or Lori in the office know.  No experience is necessary.  Remember, keep moving or lose the ability.  Too shy?  Sign up with a friend.  We do need more drivers!  Volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer



     We have a DVD library along with a book library.  The DVD collection has several more jackets than DVDs.  If you have an extra DVD at home, perhaps because it was misplaced and forgotten, please return it so we can reconnect it with its jacket.


     We also need a volunteer for the DVD library.  Our DVDs are disappearing.  Because of its location near a “back door”, individuals slip in, help themselves, and slip out.


     Here is a great chance to help out.  You can sit and read while waiting for a customer.  Perfect for an avid reader.  Remember, it is also a book library.


     There are seniors with no advanced choices on their cable.  Their entertainment consists of DVDs.  Please help!




Lori Tourville, Executive Director

with Tessie Espinosa, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper