Middletown Senior Center

21256 Washington Street
Post Office Box 1037

Middletown, California 95461

Phone: (707) 987-3113

Fax: (707) 987-3114


Director's Monthly Message

     Our recent “March for Meals” fundraiser was not only the most successful March for Meals yet, but fun to attend!


     We had a lively crew of 29 for the walk (stroll?) through town.  Everyone who started the walk finished.  The ages of the participants ranged from those in their 80s back down to six.  Everyone’s efforts helped raise over $8,000 after expenses.  We were joined by District One Supervisor, Moke Simon, III, and witnessed a Lamborghini and Ferrari Car Club’s antics while leaving Middletown after a pit stop.  There were approximately 30 cars.  Exciting!


     Our daily lunch program is another area in which we need assistance financially.  Seniors are not charged for their meals.  Instead we rely on donations.  The suggested donation for seniors is $5 and $8 for non-senior visitors.  The cost of the meal is approximately $8 considering salaries and overhead (electricity, water, insurance, etc.).


     Lately, we have been down on our donations from diners.  We are unsure of how any cuts to the “Meals on Wheels” program as proposed by the government will affect us.  We are supported by donations, as well as county, and state programs.  Our government assistance is a low percent of our funding.  We could, however, use more diners to donate any part of that $5 per meal. 


     For those who use our services, this center is here for you.   There is never any pressure put on anyone to contribute (and if there is, please let me know).  So whatever you are able to assist with, please do so.  I wish to thank you for your participation.  That is number one with me.  Continue to visit, eat, and enjoy.  Bring a friend.





     I know, not again.  But we do need someone(s) to catalog our returned DVDs.  It would take approximately 15-20 minutes a day.


     One person could catalog on Monday, another on Tuesday, another on Wednesday…….so one could sign up for one day or more? a week.  Helen, Tessie, or Lori offer on-the-job training.  Let one of them know if you are interested.  It is a necessary job. 


      It can be done anytime during the day between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday.  Right before lunch is a great time as you will already be here when lunch is served.  Save yourself a trip.



Free shuttle service is available to those who need transportation to their doctor appointments with Adventist Health in Clearlake

Shuttle rides are arranged at the time the patient schedules a clinic appointment.  For more information, call 888-443-2273


The pharmacist asked me my birthdate again today. 

I’m pretty sure she’s going to get me something. 

Lori Tourville, Director

with Tessie Espinosa, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper