Middletown Senior Center

21256 Washington Street
Post Office Box 1037

Middletown, California 95461

Phone: (707) 987-3113

Fax: (707) 987-3114


Director's Monthly Message


     I know I have been nagging everyone to volunteer, but this time of year is our busiest for fundraisers. 


      We receive a small amount of money from the federal government, so we need to hold fundraisers to fill in the gaps.  Fundraisers require volunteers, a lot of volunteers. 

     Most of those who do agree to volunteer turn from reluctant volunteer (here simply to appease a mate or best friend) to happy participant.  It really is gratifying. 


      Normally, the work isn’t mentally challenging.  It is broken down into manageable units—anything from hanging  signs, to registering Chili Cook Off participants, to taking money for drinks and meals, and the list goes on.  And, then, there is always cleanup.  When that time arrives, the event is over for another year.  I normally look forward to cleanup. 


      It is fun to be a part of the function.  You may meet your neighbor or that person you see all of the time, but can’t (but would like to) remember his/her name.


     And there are always those “behind the scenes” events which put smiles on all of our faces, or result in giggles all around. 




     I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers.  Without you, the staff would not be able to fill all the slots.  You wait tables (servers), greet our guests (greeters), dust, sweep, fix stuff, sell treasures in the Thrift Store, loan out videos and books, sort and set out donations from Hardester’s, teach classes (line dancing, Tai Chi, card games, crafts, etc.), serve on the Board of Directors, drive for Meals on Wheels, deliver our mail, play the piano, take photos on special occasions, call our birthday seniors, handle maintenance, assist in the office, donate to our fund raisers.  WOW!  YOU’RE THE GREATEST!


Um, what is it that I do?  Oh yeah, write grants, hold fund raisers, register seniors, sign up home bounds for Meals on Wheels, create the menu per state and county guide lines, oil all of the squeaky wheels, answer your questions, direct you to available services.  A mere drop in the bucket compared to all that the volunteers accomplish. It does take a village.


We need volunteers to catalog DVDs as well as check them in and out.  And, we can use more drivers for Meals on Wheels.


From the above, you can see that the magic word is “Volunteer”.  Volunteering gives pleasure and satisfaction.



If you have been contemplating becoming a driver for Meals on Wheels, now is the time.  Our Cobb driver is moving out of the area.  In order to keep deliveries to Cobb, we need a new driver for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Mileage is available.  Meals on Wheels allow home-bound seniors to stay in their homes.  A necessity for many seniors’ well being.


Also, we still can use a few free-standing book shelves for our Thrift Store.


The pharmacist asked me my birthdate again today. 

I’m pretty sure she’s going to get me something. 

Lori Tourville, Director

with Tessie Espinosa, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper