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Director's Monthly Message


     The seminar on Meals on Wheels in North Carolina which both Tessie and I recently attended was very informative and enlightening.


     There are a vast majority of Senior Centers across the country, and about that many ways tasks are carried out, and all successful.  Centers aren’t as scarce as the funding.  Americans are very caring people, and because of some very dedicated individuals, that care filters down and embraces our seniors.


     Our escape from the south was impeded by the motorcade of our President, American Idol auditions, tons of people flying in for the Panthers/Cowboys NFL game, and an electrical storm.  There were delays galore to say the least.  A 30-minute drive was lengthened to a 90-minute drive.  Taxiing on the runway was extended until the electricity disappeared.  They must have imported police officers with cars from all neighboring cities, counties, and perhaps states.  Wow!


     Oh, yeah, back to the seminar:  We did learn a lot and will be implementing some of it in the upcoming days, months, years…..  Until next time.  This time, it only took 12 people to replace 2.  Thank you Board and our other Volunteers.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND SO DO WE!




Volunteer's Corner

     Our dedicated and reliable volunteers help support a wide range of essential services for our Center.  Our office staff attended a “Meals on Wheels” convention in North Carolina during the week of August 24.


      The Middletown Senior Center Board of Director members filled in when and where they could during the week.  Our Board of Directors consists of Kathy Roberts, Jon Meyer, Jim Jackson, Jacque Spiker, Barbara Castaldo, Kimberly Haynie, Bob Olsen, Nance Simon, and Jan Lickliter.  All Board members are volunteers.  A special thank you to Bob Olsen for checking in and offering his assistance if needed.


     The above highlighted members of the Board of Directors were able to readjust their busy schedules in order to aid in all expected and unexpected functions of the Center during the departure of Lori and Tessie.  The Board members were awesome.  Anything they didn’t know, they picked up extremely fast.


     The normal duties of the Board are to direct and control the business of the Corporation. The Board meets once a month.  Their meetings are opened to the public.  If you would like a glimpse into the inner workings of the Center, check it out.

     Kudos to the Board members who went above and beyond the norm.  From all of us, thank you immensely.



     We have a DVD library along with a book library.  The DVD collection has several more jackets than DVDs.  If you have an extra DVD at home, perhaps because it was misplaced and forgotten, please return it so we can reconnect it with its jacket.


     We also need a volunteer for the DVD library.  Our DVDs are disappearing.  Because of its location near a “back door”, individuals slip in, help themselves, and slip out.


     Here is a great chance to help out.  You can sit and read while waiting for a customer.  Perfect for an avid reader.  Remember, it is also a book library.


     There are seniors with no advanced choices on their cable.  Their entertainment consists of DVDs.  Please help!




Lori Tourville, Executive Director

with Tessie Espinosa, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper