Middletown Senior Center

21256 Washington Street
Post Office Box 1037

Middletown, California 95461

Phone: (707) 987-3113

Fax: (707) 987-3114


Director's Monthly Message


     Our thank you lunch for our Volunteers was a big success on the staff’s side, and appeared to be a big success on our guest's side.  


     Approximately 35 volunteers attended out of 54 total volunteers.  We are sorry everyone couldn’t attend.  We missed you, and are grateful for all of you.  You are, indeed, priceless.  


     We are gearing up for more fundraisers to augment our budget.  The first one is slated for November 4 to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  We will be hosting a fundraiser dinner and silent auction.  Soup and salad with a choice of Tri-Tip or Chicken Marsala will be served.  In addition, dessert will be served and one glass of champagne will be included.  


     As usual, seating is limited, so reservations are a must.  The silent auction begins at 5:00 p.m. with dinner following at 6:00 p.m.  The 4th is just around the corner, so act fast.  


     NEWS!!!   We have an instructor for Zumba.  Anyone interested in attending classes, please let me know.  The cost will be reasonably priced.  Zumba is a great, fun way to exercise.  Give it a try.  Remember: Use it or lose it! 



We appreciate shopping malls because we like the idea of one-stop shopping.  I happened to have duties at the Senior Center recently during the morning which took me away from my desk into other areas. 


I observed a senior enter the Center, select a couple of items from the free food table, select a couple of books, check out two DVDs, browse in the Thrift Store, and enjoy lunch in the dining room.  And all done for considerable savings compared to traveling out of town.  


Keep the Center in mind when planning an errand day.  All in one sweep:  food, entertainment, and treasures.  Can’t beat that.  There are, also, activities offered on the premises for your enjoyment:  information lectures, music recitals, dance lessons (exercise?), to name but a few.  Check out the Activities Calendar in the monthly newsletter. 

REMEMBER OUR ADVERTISERS:  They make the Newsletter possible.  Advertising pays for paper and ink.


Arlene Grimes, Independent Insurance Agent

B & G Tires Middletown (Coopertires)

Clover Lake County Inc.  

Hardesters’ Market 

Jon “The Tax Man” (Old Fashion Caring Service)

Kimberly Fordham, MD, Board-Certified Family Medicine

Neft & Neft Realtors

Star Gardens Nursery (Helping your Garden Shine)

Tri Counties Bank

Twin Pine & Casino (Senior Double Days, Tues. & Thurs.)

Lori Tourville, Director

with Tessie Espinosa, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper