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July Board Minutes


July 17, 2018


I.               Acting Chair, Barbara Castaldo, called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.

II.             The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Olsen.

III.            Roll Call was taken:

Members present were:  Jon Meyer, Barbara Castaldo, Jim Jackson, Bob Olsen, Kimberly Haynie, and Janet Lickliter 

Absent:  Kathy Roberts, Nance Simon, and Jacque Spiker

Staff:  Lori Tourville

Public:  Rilla Krall

IV.          Minutes for June were approved as submitted.  Jon/Barbara

V.            Financial report for June was approved as presented.  Jon/Bob

Electronic Payments report was approved as presented.  Kimberly/Jon

VI.          Correspondence:  None

VII.         Committee/Member Reports:  None

VIII.       Public Comments:  None

IX.           Director’s Reports: 

A.   Fundraiser (auction) scheduled for July 28.  Two Mustang football players are to serve the dinner, and Jim Jackson will assist in the kitchen.  Chicken Marsala is the main course.   

B.   The Redbud Healthcare District meeting held 6/26 went well.  Approved for funding.  $60,000

C.  Our Thrift Store brought in $12,767 for the year.  Great job Janet and Sheri. 

D.  Board of Directors need to come in and learn how to open and close plus a few other chores.  Someone to pay salaries, work at counting lunch money, etc.  This will be necessary when Lori and Tessie are at the National Meals on Wheels Conference in August. 

E.   Hardester’s:

1.   We have lost approximately $2,000 a month in food donations.  Lori is

talking to Cobb and Hidden Valley Lake Hardester’s for their day-old products.

2.   Jon stated he would be willing to bring Cobb Mountain Hardester’s day

old/dated products down to the Center.  

3.   Lake County Transit is supplying free rides to seniors to shop at

Hardester’s in Hidden Valley.  Karl Parker from Lake Transit picks up seniors and takes them to Hardester’s and then returns them to their homes and helps unload their groceries to their porches

4.   The Luncheon Club is purchasing passes for the handicapped in Middletown that need assistance to shop. 

X.            Unfinished Business: 

A.   Volunteers are needed to serve lunches and to drive for the Meals on

Wheels program.  Bob and Barbara showed interest as did Jon.

B.   The electric scooter which was donated was asked about.  Need to find out status. 

XI.           New Business: None

XII.         Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 2:02 p.m.  Jon 












 Board Members

Seated:  Nance Simon, Jim Westricth, Barbara Castaldo, Jacque Spiker
Standing: Kathy Roberts, Helen Whitney, Kimberly Haynie,, Pat Meyer, Bob Olsen