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July Board Minutes

   SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

I.       Chair Phyllis Kelsey called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm
II.      Pledge was led by Phyllis
III.    Roll Call
Present: Pat Meyer, Phyllis Kelsey, Kathy Roberts, Helen Whitney, Wiley Weiss, Bob Olsen, Jacque Spiker, Kimberly Haynie
Absent: Jim Westrich, 
Staff:  Lori Tourville
Public: Barbara Castaldo, Nance Simon, Darlene Simmons
IV.     Minutes for July were approved as submitted. (Helen/Pat) 
V.      Financial reports for July and August were approved (Jacque/Pat).
VI.     Committee Reports:  Confirmation that Kathy Roberts will be the coordinator of the library.  Jacque reported that she, Helen, and Phyllis will be developing the board training over the next two month; expect board training to begin in November.
VII.   Public Comments: board applicants were welcomed by board and thanked for attending.  
VIII.  Correspondence: none
IX.    Director’s Report
        Announced the next fundraising dinner will be on November 4.  Lori is going to ask various businesses and groups if they can provide a basket for the silent auction.  Jacque has donated a quilt (blanket) and Phyllis has some wine to donate.
        Several fundraising ideas were shared at the last contractor’s meeting; one being a card that businesses in town can offer to customers.  For $1 a person can have their name on a donation card that would be posted in the place of business.  Board members were receptive to this idea.  Several other ideas were shared at the meeting; some would not be effective in Middletown.  Lori will continue to search for ideas.
        Lori is going to sign up to participate in Meals On Wheels of America.  The cost is $200 per year; it provides resources, fundraising ideas, grant options, etc.  Their next convention is Aug. 28-30 in Charlotte North Carolina.  She has heard that senior centers who participate connect with grant resources and fundraising ideas.  She will check on the cost and get back to the board.
        The senior centers of Lake County are meeting frequently to discuss how to make their centers effective and strong.  One major concern is the distribution of AAA funds.  Several differing ideas were discussed among the participants.  Lori’s belief is that the AAA should make that decision, not the various centers.
        Lori will be on vacation Oct. 9-14; Kathy will cover Monday, Barbara on Wednesday and Phyllis on Friday. 
X.      Unfinished Business: none
XI.    New Business: 
        Jacque requested a revision to the Personnel Policy handbook.  The current language requires all terminations to be the responsibility of the Board; it also limits the term of probation to 30 days.  Jacque is requesting these two conditions be removed from the language; she believes that the ED should have responsibility for disciplinary actions. All employee difficulties should be presented to the board, but the ED should select the appropriate level of discipline. (Kimberly/Pat), unanimous to change language.
        Wiley Weiss resigned as of the close of this meeting.  He is moving to Mexico, but will join us as “the public” when in town.
        Fundraiser and Contractor’s meetings discussed in Director’s report.
Closed Session
         As a result of Wiley’s resignation, the board met in closed session to discuss the applicants for the open position.  When a person applies for a vacancy on the board, one of the expectations is that the applicant will attend at least 6 board meetings per year (or at least as many as possible until a vacancy occurs.)  During deliberation, this expectation had a major factor in the final decision.  We also addressed that we will have 4 more vacancies in the coming months.  By unanimous decision, Nance Simon was appointed to the board effective November 1, 2017 (Helen/Jacque).
Adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. (Bob/Pat)




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