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September Board Minutes


SEPTEMBER 18, 2018


I.              Chair, Kathy Roberts, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.


II.           The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Olsen.


III.         Roll Call was taken by Board Chair, Kathy Roberts.

Members present were:  Bob Olsen, Jon Meyer, Barbara Castaldo, Kathy Roberts, Jacque Spiker, James Jackson, Janet Lickliter, and Nance Simon

Absent:  Kimberly Haynie (dropped by to relate that her house has sold and she will be resigning her Board position...a written statement will be forthcoming)

Staff:  Lori Tourville

Public:  Rilla Krall


IV.         Minutes for August were approved as presented.  Jacque/Bob


V.            Financial report for August was approved as presented.  There was a question about the $50 payments to prospective employees.  Lori explained that the interviewees work in the kitchen for 5 hours to showcase their abilities.  Jacque/Nance 


Electronic payment report was read and approved.  Members perused the reports and signed them.  Jacque/Barbara


VI.         Correspondence:  None


VII.       Committee/Member Reports: 

A.   Jacque will clean out “puzzle corner” in the Oak Room (SE corner). 

B.   Jacque will begin Board of Directors member training.  She will spend the first 15 minutes of each Board meeting training members.  Training will be added to the agenda after Roll Call.  Jacque/Nance--Passed


VIII.    Public Comments:  None


IX.         Director’s Report: 

A.    Fundraisers:

1.    Appreciation Brunch on October 27 at 11:00 a.m.

2.    Upcoming bake sales for Nov. and Dec.  Center’s Thanksgiving Luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 20, and the Christmas Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 20.

3.    Next fundraiser dinner will occur in January.  Will be a Mexican theme.

B.   Redbud Healthcare District contract to sign.  Jacque Spiker moved, and Bob Olsen seconded the motion to give Lori Tourville approval to execute a contract with Redbud Healthcare.  New contracts will be for six months ($30,000).  After six months, a report needs to be presented to Redbud Healthcare on the use of the funds, and then renewed for another six months ($30,000).  Jacque/Nance    Passed unanimously

C.   Meals on Wheels Conference 8/27 to 8/31 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1.    Story telling

2.    Social Media

3.    Spotting elder financial abuse

4.    Report abuse:  Attorney General, elder abuse, AAA, victim witness.

5.    How to navigate and use MOW’s web site to our advantage. 


X.           Unfinished Business:

A.   The donated scooter will be stored at the center.  Lori to call insurance carrier to see if we are liable for the scooter if lent out.

B.   Battery for scooter is $75 or $99.  Bob Olsen will donate a battery to the Center. 

C.   Kathy stated she has another scooter to be donated to the Center.  Motion to accept second scooter.  Nance/Barbara—Passed

D.  If we are not liable for any injuries, scooters will be used here or lent out for a specified length of time. 


XI.         New Business:

A.   DVDs are disappearing from the lending library.  DVDs are checked out and not returned, or not checked out but simply taken.  We need someone in the library when the door is unlocked.  Motion was made by Nance and seconded by Barbara to place a lock on the door.  Bob volunteered.  Discussion followed. 

B.   After checking the type of door mentioned and discovering it is plastic so difficult to use a lock, Lori is to ask the County to replace the door with a barn door which can be locked. 

C.   Motion to place a lock on the door was rescinded by Nance and Barbara.  A motion to ask the county to replace the door with a barn door which can be locked was made by Barbara and Jacque.  Passed


XII.      Adjournment:  Jacque/Bob   Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. 


 Board Members

Seated:  Nance Simon, Jim Westricth, Barbara Castaldo, Jacque Spiker
Standing: Kathy Roberts, Helen Whitney, Kimberly Haynie,, Pat Meyer, Bob Olsen