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March Board Minutes

MARCH 21, 2017


I.       Chair Phyllis Kelsey called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm

II.      Pledge was led by Phyllis

III.    Roll Call

Present: Pat Meyer, Phyllis Kelsey, Jim Westrich,  Fred Castaldo, Bob Olsen,

Helen Whitney, Wiley Weiss, Kimberly Haynie, Jacque Spiker

Staff:  Lori Tourville

Public:  Kathy Roberts

IV.     Minutes for February were approved as submitted. (Pat/Fred)

V.      Financial report for February was approved (Jacque/Pat).

VI.     Committee Reports:  none

VII.   Public Comments:  Kathy commented she thinks the board and staff are doing a great job.

VIII.  Correspondence: none

IX.    Director’s Report

        Lori shared that many videos are being taken out of the library but not returned.  She knows of two individuals who are doing this on a regular basis.  For this reason, she has put in a remote camera in the library and checks it several times a day.  She will put up a sign indicating that the room is monitored.

        One of the center’s volunteers, Janet, has taken it upon herself to advertise and seek donations for the March For Meals by setting up an information table in front of Hardester’s market and put donation boxes at each check-out counter.

        Many individuals and business employees in town are committing to walk and donate for the March.  Lori believes we will have our best year yet.

        Staff is working on getting the Chili Cook-off plans in place.  The board asked what they can do and Lori will be emailing a sign-up via Doodle.

        Part of the April 1 Senior Summit is a 2 ½ hour board training.  Lori is going to an information meeting March 22 then will email information to board members.  Jacque will be going and offered her car for those who would like to ride share.

        The 2 door freezer is now 17 years old and starting to break down more often.  After discussion, the board voted to have Lori replace the freezer and authorized to spend up to $5500.00 for the purchase (Jacque/Pat), unanimous.

        Staff has been working on an idea to provide a 3-day emergency food kit for home-bound seniors.  This would be used when weather prevents Meals On Wheels drivers from making deliveries.  Several ideas were talked about and some information will be sent to Lori for her review.  One suggestion was that if the storage concept was well received by seniors, we could give home-bound seniors a kit for free and sell kits to those who wish to purchase them.  This idea will be brought up at April’s meeting.

        In the past, staff and Board have discussed the concept of solar panels on a covered parking lot structure but the County has refused the idea.  Lori was talking with Moke Simon, District 1 Supervisor, about this idea and he is in favor of it.  He is going to talk with those who have dismissed the idea in the County and get back to Lori.  This would save the Center a great deal of money on PG&E costs as well as protect those using the parking lot during inclement weather.  Lori also shared our concern about the safety of the parking lot with Mr. Simon.

        Fletcher Thornton introduced a marketing consultant to Lori with the hopes of being able to better advertise the events and programs of the Center.  Lori will bring this back next month.


X.      Unfinished Business: none


XI.    New Business: None


X.      Adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.




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