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May Board Minutes

MAY 16, 2017

I.       Chair Phyllis Kelsey called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm
II.      Pledge was led by Phyllis
III.    Roll Call
Present: Pat Meyer, Phyllis Kelsey, Jim Westrich, Jacque Spiker, Kimberly Haynie, Kathy Roberts
Absent: Bob Olsen, Helen Whitney, Wiley Weiss
Staff:  Lori Tourville
IV.     Minutes for April were approved as submitted. (Jim/Pat) 
V.      Financial report for April was approved (Jacque/Kathy).
VI.     Committee Reports:  Helen, Phyllis, and Jacque are developing board training.
VII.   Public Comments: none
VIII.  Correspondence: none
IX.    Director’s Report
         Lori updated us on the Chili Cook-Off.  Staff have worked very hard (and smart) in making this a very successful fundraiser. We have a good number of participants making chili and a dozen or so craft vendors.  Board members who are volunteering have signed up for specific times.
Tessie will be on vacation June 19-23. Coverage as follows: 19: Jim, 20: Phyllis, 21: TBA, 22: Kimberly, 23: Jacque.
         The fire department is donating an AED defibrillator; training to use this device will be scheduled.
X.      Unfinished Business:
         See Chili Cook-off in Director’s report
         Kathy Roberts was selected as the replacement for Fred Castaldo.  Fred has been a valuable member of our board and his absence will be noted.  We have at least one other application for the board; Phyllis will contact her to encourage her to attend the board meetings until another opening becomes available.  New applicants are encouraged and all will be asked to attend board meetings to familiarize themselves with the workings of the board.
         Lori was presented her evaluation.  The board demonstrated its support and faith in the work she is doing as executive director.
XI.    New Business: none

         Adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. 




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