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July Board Minutes

JULY 18, 2017

I.       Chair Phyllis Kelsey called the meeting to order at 1:01 pm
II.      Pledge was led by Phyllis
III.    Roll Call
Present: Pat Meyer, Phyllis Kelsey, Kathy Roberts, Helen Whitney, Wiley Weiss
Absent: Bob Olsen, Jim Westrich, Jacque Spiker, Kimberly Haynie
Staff:  Lori Tourville
IV.     Minutes for June were approved as submitted. (Pat/Helen) 
V.      Financial report for June was approved (Pat/Phyllis).
VI.     Committee Reports:  Kathy Roberts will be taking over coordination of library; she will work with Lori who has been keeping a schedule of volunteers.
VII.   Public Comments: board applicants were welcomed by board and thanked for attending.  Darlene asked about the financials, and Lori will supply her with year-end and June information.  Lori explained briefly how the financials worked and will make sure that each applicant is brought up to date.
VIII.  Correspondence: none
IX.    Director’s Report
        Fundraisers:  the Chili Cook-off is always the Saturday before Memorial Day.  Octoberfest: planning starts next month.  No date yet.  Volunteer Appreciation Brunch set for September 16; invitations have been sent out.
        Lori and Tessie will be gone Thursday 7/20, Jacque will cover office.  Office will be covered on Friday July 28 as well: Jacque to open, Helen to come in, Phyllis to close.
        The new freezer has been installed.
        Meals On Wheels: starting an outreach program with flyers and background information available for distribution to bulletin boards, clubs, etc.  Letter going to MAMA members and local doctor offices.
        Thrift Store: it made $8,000 for fiscal year 2016-17, the best ever! It’s being run by Shari, Jan, and Pansy who have it open all the time with a volunteer in the room at all times.  The shop is kept up and has a good turnover of items.
        New board applicants: Constance Mohunn has applied.  She has been volunteering in the library and is doing an excellent job.  She has alphabetized all DVD cards and has sorted books and made improvements on her own initiative.
X.      Unfinished Business: none
XI.    New Business: 
        Jacque is absent due to Roy’s surgery; he is recovering in Fairfield because he cannot travel above 300 feet elevation for 5 days.
        Kathy asked about lunch costs for caregivers.  If not a senior, then $5 donation is requested.  If a disabled person and living with a senior, they may eat free if they cannot afford a donation but should complete a client intake form.
        Phyllis pointed out that policies can be discussed with Lori first who will bring the question to the board if she feels it is necessary.
        Adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m. (Wiley/Pat)




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